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Brand Institute. Globally { BI. G }

a global place for sharing, enhancing, simplifying the know-how 
and research practices across branding,
design and visual communication|


Aiming to build a house of international expertise founded on membership available for experts within the field of branding but also keen enthusiasts we are the society of authors, consultants, strategists, philosophers, designers, researchers, and trainers | 


Brand Institute. Globally supports, represents, develops, and inspires brands, branding professionals, brand leaders, founders of organizations that wish their Companies to become brands, students interested in branding, academic/educational institutions that support the brand marketing field, research within brand communication, and the brand profession itself | We are the global pioneering branding body with multiple members worldwide. We believe a brand is an essential element in excelling the performance of brands and brand professionals |  


Our credo


to create a supportive environment for professionals, businesses and society  | Brand Institute. Globally


In this incredibly competitive world where constant change is driven by innovation, finding the support for professionals is ever-challenging. We strive for leaders to contribute to constant change-making that can bring advantages to their organizations, the economy, and wider society | 


Our values

that reflect the Institute’s status aim to ecourage us to constantly strive to be

Inspiring     Collaborative     Relevant     Engaging     Responsible



Membership Classes

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Our eternal goal 

is to encourage asking  “different, sometimes challenging questions” while using the power of “pause” that advocates creating new thoughts, beliefs and opinions  – to inspire the process of catalyst thinking in design, branding, art and visual communication that is based on translating complexity into simplicity and old-style thinking/design into innovative solutions | Brand Institute. Globally


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{*}  Upon becoming a member, an individual, an organization, an institution will receive a virtual badge that can be used for sharing across social media, in email signatures, and across corporate web pages |