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How does Brand Online Consultation work?

  • Simple, clear and concise – select the time & subject & send a quick email
  • Upon a receipt of the above information – your current needs will be assessed and you will receive a price with a link to pay and also a calendar link so everything will be booked
  • You will be in charge and you will be able to book the call that is best suitable for yourself in line with your schedule
  • After booking, you will receive an email invitation for your consulting online chat
  • Finally, assess your current needs you will be sent a personalized strategic plan

What can you expect?

  • 10-15 years of experience in international marketing/branding/business management
  • Global support
  • Presentations available
  • Templates for strategy/branding/marketing tracking available 
  • Key consulting notes available
  • No hidden fees 

How to get access to online consulting?

All you need is internet access … pick your time, date, drop me an email, and quickly assess your needs or state your best scenario … where would you like to see yourself (your brand) in 1.. 3.. 5.. years’ time…. and you will receive all the details.

No hidden fees … 1 hour online chat …. 100£ / 120€ { emailemail }
* No expiration dates!