Global Marketplace Growth Accelerator | Course

Overview | 

This course is dedicated to professionals/students/business founders/marketing + branding managers wishing to accelerate their opportunities across the global marketplace … not only getting to know the basics of marketplace dynamics but also learn how to research… manage… nurture… and continuously grow their own positioning across the global arena of opportunities | 

This training program addresses the focus areas of global marketplace growth | 

  • the purpose | research needs

  • the design | research design requirements

  • the data | data collection methods

  • the outcome | analysis & interpretation of findings 

The course provides guidance on the preparation stages for conducting a market research project that aims to identify international growth opportunities for domestic companies | 

The endeavor of this training is to build confidence to conduct a global research project by sharing a comprehensive overview of planning steps in the process of enhancing a marketplace offering & accelerating marketplace growth |

The chief advantage of this program lays in recommending the best approaches to research to support international market entries’ strategies and finding opportunities to open global doors to engagement |

Ingredients | 

1 | Module {s}
2 | Timeline
3 | Stages + Objectives
4 | Test
5 | Takeway{s}  | Online Competition Cheat Sheet / SWOT analysis template / SMART Objectives template / + additional bonus {template of market research report}
6 | Certification *  {upon a  successful completion of an optional online exam}


PURCHASE | 350£ | course { GETGET }

PURCHASE | 400£ | course + certificate { GETGET }