This branding pattern of stability, firmness and constancy expresses the solidity of an organisation. Its powerful impact is mirrored in people’s perceptions of a brand |

The more consistency is associated with the messaging of a branding the less effort is required from the audience to figure out what a particular brand represents and what the actual story is 


The strength of a brand is rooted in its unbiased visibility of the core vision, its mission and values throughout a messaging and visual communication carriers {logo, symbols, colours, shapes, typefaces} that are all harmonised through consistency. This way a brand organically builds an awareness while developing trust, loyalty, and shared respect amongst its audiences The value of brands is simply based on their ability to impact customers to select  a specific product rather than other |


Consistency connotes quality, harmony, flawless continuity and stability. A strong brand equity based on consistency allures confidence and eliminates confusion I