This mostly overlooked source of competitive market advantages is the corporate identity that transforms the impact of branding. This is not just a simple name or an exciting logo assigned to a product or a service. The chief advantage is the actual image that target audiences develop by capturing clearly and consistently aligned elements of corporate visual identity { CVI } of a brand |

The true value of a strong CVI is not simple neither easy to achieve, it can, with the lightest easiness, absorb large budgets, crowded resources and rich messaging | 


The key questions are, firstly, what the actual story that we want to create is and, secondly, how the story we wish to share might be perceived by the marketplace? A well-planned and masterfully managed a CVI-based branding strategy can continuously create advantages, locally by strengthening foundations based on loyalty and trust, and globally, by opening the door that unravels new geographic perspectives | 

The difficulty lays in the translation of the brand DNA into a competitive marketplace advantage |