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The clearer, the more consistent and, consequently, the stronger, brand visual associations amongst end-consumers, the more effective, efficient and less costly marketing communication become. Why? The levels of brand knowledge that marketplace posses are the direct results of building an attention around a brand that lays the foundations for a long-term engagement, trust and loyalty { Think: customer acquisition, retention and ambassadorship }.

A strong corporate visual identity that supports a sustainable raise of brand personality and the levels of reputation is like a salient sales guardian |

Strong brands outperform unknown and, as a result, weaker ones due to their uniqueness and the simplicity of their approach towards designing and implementing awareness-driven projects.

Building a strong global brand that is consistent across all markets requires a redefinition of the term brand by extending its meaning to brand leadership. Global brand leadership, based on effective and proactive management involving corporate visual identity elements, people, cultures, and interactions create plethora of avenues for businesses to explore.

The more streamlined, clearer, and more consistent the visual self-expression of a firm, the less complicated and fiasco-ended the strategic brand-building programs are |