Less is more, the value of extraction and minimalistic approach towards a brand, quality, and living space |   The current … { still } scenario of this how challenging times allows the human brain to take a minute or so break from this chaotic manufacture facility of commerce and instead of focusing on such […]

Less is more | The Minimalistic Edit Less is more | The Minimalistic Edit

Less is more, the value of extraction and minimalistic approach towards a brand, quality, and living space |


The current … { still } scenario of this how challenging times allows the human brain to take a minute or so break from this chaotic manufacture facility of commerce and instead of focusing on such daily activities as driving, petrol buying, taking kids to school, going to HIIT training, meeting with Aneke for a regular weekend brunch, going to hairdressers, going to the airport, booking that nearly passed date of MOT, visiting relatives … and more, to pay attention to the actual essence of our own life.

  • What are the goals?
  • What are dreams?
  • What are the wants and needs that are patiently waiting to be looked after?

There are some fundamental questions that sometimes we tend to avoid asking as they open the Pandora’s box of doubts, insecurities, imposter syndrome causes, traumatic past, anxiety around “what ifs” – concerning our personal life. What is the remedy? Psychotherapy and mindful living might find their use for many of us, whereas others will find their way to recognize and address the living issues.

What about the life of brands?

To be successful in the marketplace means to be known, to be desired, to be well-respected, to be inspirational, and to be brave in initiating new chapters. The ultimate dream goal for a brand is to serve the current marketplace trends and be aligned with the desires of audiences that a brand is created for.

It is critical to recognize while brands are going through a period of either a transition from an idea to a start-up or a failed opportunity to a rebranded identity, it is an absolute prerequisite to have a strong and unique proposition that has every chance to engage in a meaningful and long-term relationship with the ideal consumers.


Successful brands are those who are not friends to everybody as in real life a person who shows those features is usually associated with a handful of insecurities planted in their ego. Being selective is the key to be appealing to an audience that a brand is being created for. A brand is like a product with a personality, it is the experience behind an organization meaning that if all the efforts are being focused on a specific audience then the communication is well-aligned to the needs of consumers and their wants.


Looking at some of the, without a shadow of hesitation, brands that placed themselves on the pedestal of triumph such as Apple, Google, Coca Cola the common ground is not quantity, loudness, chaotic communication and short lifespan, conversely, their brand identities stand for minimalism, quality and solid definition of the offering. It is not about how many products or services a brand has in its portfolio or how competitive the price structures are {however, the latter is helpful!}, it is the level of luxurious quality every experience a brand generates that matter.


Brand experiences express some common actions that speak out the quality of purposefulness through the communication methods they undertake to engage with marketplace, amongst which are

  • Getting to know audiences and their preferences
  • Knowing competitors and their activities
  • Defining a strong mission statement
  • Outlining and making very transparent the best qualities and benefits that are behind an offer
  • Forming a unique brand voice
  • Making brand personalities inspiring and engaging enough to ignite a desire.


Less noise, less mediocrity, less compromise on quality – this is the ultimate receipt for success in a marketplace from a perspective of a brand. Any organization that either launches its presence or considers rebranding its status quo shall undertake a full brand audit and think about such elements as position, promise, personality, story and associations. These facets of victorious branding with a capital V at the front might not be the most innovative points of focus that organizations shall consider while thinking about brands as the expressions of their preposition but are those that are oftentimes missed from the very early formation steps.


Advice? Aiming for “less is more” approach and focusing on the quality to draw a gentle smile of sophistication on a face of a successful brand … can be the receipt for success under the condition of well-structured management practice and a brand audit as the core starting point.


Less is more strategy might give 
all those organizations that ponder about
the golden ticket for winning hearts,
likes, mentions and clicks of consumers, food for thought.
Some companies that decide to minimize
their offerings while focusing on the delivery
and quality of engagement in a marketplace
experience good levels of success.

The successful approach towards setting a stage for the triumph of growth of any organization is to have the right funding, system, processes and staff in place that together will allow an organization to grow smarter meaning attracting the right audiences, monitoring time and money spend on bells and whistles that the ideal consumer does not care about and knowing the target audiences.

According to David Finkel,David Finkel, the author of “The Freedom formula: how to succeed in business without sacrificing your family, health, or life”, there are three strategies associated with “less is more” approach, firstly it is clarity, secondly is the focus, and thirdly it is execution and accountability. David recognizes that business owners tend to focus on the constant creation of to-do lists while forgetting that the meaning lays in adding a habit of “stop doing” list which is simply an outline of things that steal the attention such as endless scrolling of Instagram images. This approach has every chance to succeed as having fewer things to focus on, the actual actions of execution and accountability are no longer difficult and become transparent.


Doing less but with the graceful feature of “quality” is the new religion for branding.


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