Mind the gap aka the value of quality in branding | The Quality Edit Mind the gap aka the value of quality in branding | The Quality Edit

Mind the gap aka the value of quality of branding | The quality Edit


If you are a Londoner you are familiar with “Mind the Gap” origins surely, for all others out there … let me share a little story…

It all has begun in the late 60s the last century in the capital of the Kingdom and the home to the Royal Family, the essence of Britishness.
“Mind the Gap” slogan is owned and trademarked by Transport for London (TLF) and its purpose lays purely in the usability of its core message, to warn rail passengers that they shall be aware of a spatial gap between the station platform and the train door.
“Mind the Gap” serves as an automated kind of communication that is on a mission, to inform and to protect by promoting social consciousness.

Originally from England, “Mind the gap” spread its fame and reach across Europe and further countries, here are a few examples

1 / French, Alexandrin “Attention à la marche en descendant du train” (“Be careful of the step while getting off the train”), can be met in a written form on signs on the platforms in the Paris MétroParis Métro and also be audibly recognisable in trains.  
2 / German, Berlin U-Bah, use both their native and English version to inform travellers via the phrase:
Bitte beachten Sie beim Aussteigen die Lücke zwischen Zug und Bahnsteigkante” (“Please mind the gap between train and platform edge when alighting”) and its English equivalent of “Mind the gap between platform and train.”
3 / Italian, “Attenzione allo spazio tra treno e banchina” (meaning literally “Pay attention to the gap between the train and the platform”) is also accompanied by English “Mind the gap between the train and the platform”.
In America, New Yorkers use “Watch the Gap” to make it more understandable in the American lingua.
In Singapore, as well as Hong Kong, the phrase is being slightly extended and includes an additional “please” {“Please mind the gap”} and is being played in trains as well as announced in platforms at railway stations | 


The key point of the phrase is strictly attached to taking the responsibility and additional duty of the workers of London stations to frequently communicate the messaging to the travellers taking care of their safety… similarly, branding acts as a protective blanket and a salient ambassador that equips companies, organisations, those profit and non-profit ones, with the right armour to sustain growth, inner tranquillity while boosting the visibility of the brand credentials and essence | 


Having a moment of wondering where your business vision is heading towards, whether your branding efforts exactly mimic your corporate objectives? Hmmm… for some, the wait for the blast of enlightenment might be the cure or a mindful journey towards the inspiration for the simplicity of customer journey … allowing the audience to engage with the brand through authentic and original enough offerings that will allow your brand to blossom amongst the crowds …. These may present the right answers to finding the right approaches for paying attention to the fact that there is always a sort of a “gap” between the marketplace and its needs, for which the right offering (product line or services) acts as the answers’ providers (filler of the “gap”) master. The master is the business proposition whereas branding acts as the ambassador of its uniqueness, the PR director | 


7 BE – Approach – How to introduce the uniqueness of your brand to the marketplace

  1. Be authentic
  2. Be honest
  3. Be engaging
  4. Be classy
  5. Be mindful
  6. Be humble
  7. Be elegant


… and always strive for excellence in every aspect of the work you are signing your name under, each and every thought you have in your mind and ideas you wish to develop … these will naturally lead to innovation |


To refresh the value of Your brand, constantly focus on creating the atmosphere of:

Simplistic directness


  • Hard-working commitment
  • Mutual cooperation
  • Salient appreciation
  • Elegant Non-conformity
  • Mature Compromise
  • Sustainable trust
  • Pure honesty
  • Eternal reliability
  • Openness
  • Empathy

Because it takes a certain kind of a flair of real insight and the feeling of purposefulness to approach things directly and making them simple | 

Balancing the weaknesses … while nurturing growth and opportunities

Ability to be humble enough and authentic in your expressions, collaborating with people who will accept the vulnerability, getting in peace with authority – these will accelerate the respect and the possibility for success …. That will come naturally … it is not about doing it all and knowing it all… it is about encouraging safety dialogue on the points that need addressing and the strong ones that outline your expertise | 


Directness … the quality of being plain and straightforward … sounds simple but how challenging to execute especially in a dialogue that would be understood correctly… not mistaken for something that might present the opposite effect | 


It appears to be difficult to incubate in daily moments as well as in commercial situations – however, how much more effective and efficient in getting things done and balance time management through direct approaches rather than far-too-lengthy and over-complicated descriptions that confuse rather than provide solutions to problems | 

You communicate because you want to engage and get ideas across, similarly with your company, your brand, your organisation … it is a sort of direct politeness, do not to be mistaken with rudeness in any way that sometimes it can be taken as, especially when it comes to being direct and straightforward | 


There are levels of confidence, calmness and assertiveness accompanied by empathy and understanding in the event of direct communication  {Dr A A Drzewiecka}


Directness in branding – the answer 
to minding the gap
between marketplace needs and wants
the right branding approach 

This is one of the routes that can support minding the gap between the brand activities … and the target market needs | 

Directness – a sort of uniqueness of individuality in approaching things differently…

Get in touch for a customised report on how to excel the potential of your brand through more direct approach to the marketplace  {click to discussclick to discuss} | 


Have a beautiful day,