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The Corporate Brand | The Express Yourself Edit |

A visual identity, oftentimes considered as the corporate face, the essence of its expression, the sum of visual identifiers such as logo, typography, a colouring palette and an overall style – it is the cornerstone of the corporate brand. The expression elements of a brand include the tone of voice, the visual expression, the tagline, the so-called positioning statement, a flagship product range and signature offerings |

The CEOs of local brands and international corporations have an extremely important subject on their shoulders when launching their brands to internal and external stakeholders …. The ultimate receipt to make it work it must express its “credo”, being instantly recognizable in all internal and external communications… removing any barriers … and expressing simplicity and easiness to recall |

Every brand owner shall have clearly defined own proposition/idea in their mind that would guard every step of their decisions … if you are re-considering the position of your brand on the marketplace … looking at other counterparts … not wanting to stay behind the competition |

Treat your business as your therapeutic endeavour …. Do it your way … turn your secret passions into the way of living… making sure that all the undertakings will satisfy you… self-love and gratitude… have your voice… and remember in smart branding … it is not about shouting louder… it is not the cheap and cheesy sales approach… it is silent whispering |

Not only in business but personal lives

“We all differ… we all express ourselves in various ways… we speak different languages… we communicate through different media… however, the moment when we announce the birth of our brand to the world … the chief point is to communicate the message to everyone, in the same manner, they want to follow you… and be part of the brand house you create …” {A A Drzewiecka}

The corporate brand value represents an extremely fragile asset as it is the 24-h salient point of differentiation … it is the constant “little helper” making sure consumers want to engage with the product and the service when associated with the assurance of quality, heritage, and authenticity|

Complexity of products, services and communication channels across various markets is becoming omnipresent, therefore, the strategy to avoid being lost amongst imitated and homogenized products offerings does not belong to the most difficult one however it represents levels of hardness that requires the positioning of the whole corporation rather than simply its products {Hatch and Schultz, 2001}Hatch and Schultz, 2001} |

Are your strategic starts aligned ? asked Hatch and Schultz {2001}Hatch and Schultz {2001}, any organisation to staretgically position itself, it must consider several interdependent particles–named strategic stars–to creating a strong and powerful body by drawing an attention to: vision, culture, and image|

Aligning the stars concept, remind Hatch and Schultz {2001}, looks at an organised skillet and willingness of the founders and managerial team due to the fact that every organisational particle is driven by a different team: management, employees, or stakeholders. To make your brand effective, strong and powerful … the heads and necks of any business must identify where their strategic stars fall out of line… is there any room for improvement? |

Full strategic positioning and re-branding plan available {an invite / get in touchan invite / get in touch} |

Looking to launch new products, develop new technologies, merge into a partnership with other businesses or sell one of your sub-brands … before considering the costs of advertising, other rivals’ powers, raising costs of new product developments and constantly heightening levels of consumers’ expectations …  think of the current positioning strategy of Your Company | Positioning strategy … {an invitean invite} |

Are you firm’s mission and vision engaging and inspiring enough so your people feel, touch, breath and sing the melody created by You? Does your cultural style portray your work ethic and attitudes?

These and other things engraved in your corporate credo … they shall be invisibly carved at the entrance stone of the Your brand’s office no matter what size it is … whether a tiny room … or multi-level building … the priorities need to be right |

For positioning strategy … including a positioning statement … re-evaluation of brand equity and a brand-communication plan {an invitean invite / an offeran offer}  |

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