RIES & RIES Positioning Partner | The Announcement RIES & RIES Positioning Partner | The Announcement


dotINSPIRING is joining RIES Positioning Partners Network

The Positioning … Cornerstone | 

Autumn / Fall Milestone

With decades of experience in positioning, reputation and visual advantages … Let’s meet … RIES & RIESRIES & RIES The Positioning Pioneers | Al and Laura Ries | 

This Autumn .I N S P I R I N G {dotinspiring} is proud to announce joining a global partnership network of  RIES & RIES | 

Helping companies position their brands in consumers’ minds | RIES&RIES

Without further ado …    factual pearls 
  • 25 years of experience across the globe
  • Family duet, daughter and father, Al and Laura Ries
  • Positioning Gurus
  • Practice Principles:
  • Finding an open hole | Narrow your focus | Name is foremost | The Visual Hammer | The Verbal Battlecry | PR, not advertising
  • BooksBooks:
  • “Positioning, the Battle for Your Mind”
  • “Focus, the future of your company depends on it”
  • “The Origin of Brands”
  • “Visual Hammer”
  • “Battlecry”
  • “The fall of advertising”


I am so extremely excited to partner with  RIES & RIES Global Partnership NetworkRIES & RIES Global Partnership Network … | It is a new stepping stone … for the visual positiong across Europe  |  A A Drzewiecka

More announcements to come | For visual positioning and brand consultancy advise  I invite you to get in touchin touch